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Harmonic Consultation Services

for humans/space

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Our harmonic consulting services help to harmonize the frequency of well-beings and environment for individual, household, corporation, universities, hospitals, farms and local communities.

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Harmonize own frequency


Improve the family relationship


Improve the work environment for staff


Improve the learning environment for both teachers and students


Improve the recovery of patients and medical staff


Improve the agricultural production

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Consultation -

LIfe Coaching

Bio-information Consultation

Activation of Divine Energy & Power

Astrology Interpretation Consultation

To facilitate the discovery of your appropriate path in life.

Evaluation of energy status for body, mind & soul wellness.

Card reading / energy scanning / sound healing to access to cosmic wisdom. 

Analysis of your “birth chart” by our professional.

Commercial Space Feng Shui Consultation

Residential Space Feng Shui Consultation

Aura Color Energy Reading +Solution Gift

Natal Interpretation Consultation

Feng Shui interpretation services for your space (commercial property)

Feng Shui interpretation services for your space (residential property)

The report provides more insights of your natal chart for your self-understanding.

Our reading interprets your current situation with solution

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