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Consultation Services

for Humans & Environment

Consultation Services


Our consulting services help to harmonize the energy frequency of wellbeing and environment for individuals, households, corporation, universities, hospitals, farms and local communities.

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Improve holistic wellbeing


Improve family relationship


Improve business performance

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Improve academic performance


Improve illness recovery


Improve farm production

Body, Mind & Spirit Wellness Report

Aura Photography

Business Advisory Services

Life Coaching Consultation

Measure your wellness behaviours and trending for health monitoring purpose

Take Aura Image to get your colour solution

Advisory Services for your business to improve performance

To facilitate the discovery of your life direction

Trauma Healing Session

Space Feng Shui Consultation

Holistic Astrological Therapy Consultation

Natal Interpretation Consultation

Heal your trauma in a content-free way, without physical body touch

Feng Shui consulting services for your space (residential/

commercial property)

The report provides insight of your characteristic and life mission from your natal chart 

Make use of astrological sign to conduct a powerful holistic reading for you

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