Harmonic Consultation Services

for humans/space

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Our harmonic consulting services help to harmonize the frequency of well-beings and environment for universities, hospitals, farms and local communities.

-For individual which would like to harmonize own frequency;

-For household which would like to improve the family relationship;

-For corporation which would like to improve the work environment for staff;

-For academic institutions which would like to improve the learning environment for both teachers and students;

-For hospitals which would like to improve the recovery of patients and medical staff;

-For farmers which would like to improve the agricultural production;

If you would like to harmonise the frequency of people and living/working areas, please feel free to contact us at harmonyu.hmu@gmail.com or book appointment here.


Consultation -

LIfe Coaching

Natal Interpretation Consultation

Residential Space Feng Shui Consultation

Commercial Space Feng Shui Consultation

Astrology Interpretation Consultation

Chinese Astrology Interpretation

Aura Color Energy Reading +Solution Gift

Bio-Information Consultation Report