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- Frequency Mapping -

Everything is Frequency

Earth and Space

Music and Maths let us understand the frequencies exist in dynamic time-space structure.


Music and Maths contain macro-cosmos and micro-cosmos (frequency) codes to activate our DNA and RNA

Frequency 2.png

Frequencies of body glands, source of electromagnetic and radiation waves, and diseases are listed in the frequency (Hz) mapping table below. 

From the frequency (Hz) mapping table, you will find out relationships between the invisible electromagnetic radiation waves and body organs!

For example, cancer (482 Hz) has the same frequencies as those of mobile phones and pineal gland.


For 5G satellite, mobile phone, computers and electrical appliances,  they have the same frequency 448.b Hz that is the same as that of pituitary gland. They are CLOSELY RELATED!

It's time for us to PAY ATTENTION to raise the awareness of relationship between the electromagnetic field (EMF)/radiation waves and our body organs.

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