Let's explore our training courses to live with wisdom!


Harmonic Consciousness Training

Holistic approach to life development: physical, emotion, spiritual and oracle

1) Awakening of Human Consciousness

For your physical body,

  • Find the source of humankind

  • Unlock your Cosmic Life Code in body

  • Live with your life mission

  • Take responsibility to your life and save our Earth

2) Purification of Soul Consciousness

For your soul,

  • Sound and light for soul purification

  • Refine your soul quality

  • Raise your dimension

  • Increase the energy for your mind and soul

3) Discover the path to the source

For your wisdom,

  • Connect with macrocosmo

  • Understand your cosmic mission

  • Astral travel

  • Find the way back home (the Source)

  • Discovery the truth with wisdom

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