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Four Peace Zen

Funshine Fengshui 典亞集芳香風水

What is "Funshine Feng Shui"? 


Funshine Feng Shui is a new era of feng shui combing colors, aromas, and energy guiding light to resonate with air, so that "feng shui" can be arranged and created by yourself. It makes a portable feng shui possible so that you can carry it when moving place! Everyone becomes a space energy manager in their own living environment.


芳香風水,是新時代的風水學,色彩、芳香、能量引光導氣共振,讓「風水」由自己來佈置創造,搬家還能跟著一起帶走! 每個人都是自己生活環境裡最靈活與優雅的空間能量管理師。

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