Bio-information Frequency Research Centre

Bio-information Frequency Scanning Machine

Holistic Body, Mind & Soul Consultation

Our Bio-information Frequency Scanning Machine is a powerful tool to check and monitor human health (Body, Mind & Soul). 


1) Consultation: CHECK your Bio-information Frequency Consultation Report on body, mind & soul wellness. 

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The advantages of our Bio-information System are: Convenient, Fast, and Accurate.









Easy operating

Easy learning

Focus on specific organ in human body


6-15 minutes for analysis


High accuracy to identify the organs for health alert

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2) Purchase our Bio-information Frequency Scanning Machine:


If ordering our Bio-information Frequency Scanning Machine, it can cover the following elements:



  • Pathomorphology

  • Allergens

  • Pollutants

  • Bio-Energetics

  • Bio-Energetics Frequencies

  • Hormones & Preparations

  • Unbalanced Tissues



  • Meridians

  • Micronutrients

  • Nutrition & Natural Solutions


Mind & Soul:

  • Careers

  • Personality

  • Family Affairs

  • Abilities

  • Fears​

  • Soul Mission

  • Words and Text

  1. ​Solutions can also be shown from this Bio-information Frequency System.

  2. Training will be provided when the order of Bio-information System is placed.

  3. Laptop will be purchased separately.

Please contact us for further information.

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Online Health Alarm & Monitoring System

Software :Providing 6 -9 etalons of our 49 database to take care of member’s home care information about health 

  • Heart Alert: Alert of vital organ if they gets below 40% (scale of 1-100%) with our early alarming system to prevent severe disease BEFORE they occurs

  • Heart Monitoring: How to take care of their specific organs

  • Lower periodic cost

Customized Research Projects

We customize research on specific topics for your needs. To order specific research conducted by our System, please contact us at or book here.