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Harmonic United


Harmonic United helps to raise OUR awareness on human wellness, climate change and ecological balance. We aims to address the environmental and human wellness issues in modern world.



  • the advancement of education

  • the advancement of health

  • the advancement of ecology


We would like to share some information that everyone MUST learn to live well!

Our research is based on a dimenional frequency (Hz) map where WE believe all substances in this World contain their respective frequencies. Everthing is frequency.


We are launching several projects to address some current issues by harmonizing the frequencies of humans and OUR surround environment.

We welcome you to join us to work together in bringing a living environment with harmony.

Get involved here.

Join our membership here. Membership benefits include:

  • Free events exclusive for members

  • 10% off in joining our selective paid events

  • Free access to our member's resources

  • Exclusive discount for specific services

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Project H-Earth


To create a sustainable and viable EARTH by addressing current environmental issue e.g.

climate change, animal and plant extinction, natural disasters. 

Lotus harmony heart
Flowers relax

Project H-Health


To harmonise the frequency of OUR soul and body for better human wellness.

Each part of our body contains a frequency. Through our frequency mapping technique, we are able to identify the frequencies to improve OUR human wellness in daily life.

Coming Soon...

Project H-Universal


To understand the cosmic wisdom with OUR Universal Codes.

Coming Soon...


Project H-Ray


To reduce environmental and human health crisis caused by man-made radiation.

Coming soon...

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