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-The Pioneer Well-Being Consultant-

Our Vision

-To bring well-being to humans with holistic approach;

-To rebalance OUR EARTH with harmony and make it viable

" Live OUR Viable Earth" (L.O.V.E)

Our Mission

-A holistic body, mind and soul development to enhance humans well-being with more wisdom consciousness and less suffering from conflict, pollution and problems

-A revolutionary approach to improve ecosystem and space energy

"Space impacts lives, lives influence space. Things are connected." -- HARMONYU

We are UK-based pioneer well-being consultants specialize in human wellness, ecological balance and space energy, aiming to

- provide coaching to people for their body, mind and soul well-being with our holistic approach; and

- harmonize our living space for ecological balance and space energy.


OUR EARTH's evolution becomes more imbalance caused by conflict, pollution and problems. It's time for us to develop our body, mind and soul for a living with more wisdom consciousness so that WE understand who WE are, what are OUR life mission and how should WE live wisely in current life.


WE could have based on OUR education projects and scientific research to improve human's interaction with the surrounding environment in a harmonic way - which we define as a human civilization.

See OUR PROJECTS and STORE to check how to rebalance OUR lives for a harmonic and viable space.

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Harmonic United

It aims to raise people awareness on human wellness and ecological balance through resources and projects. We aim to address the environmental and human wellness issues in modern world for the advancement of education, health, and ecology.

WE welcome more people who would like to contribute to this evolution of human civilization, please join us by GETTING INVOLVED or contact us.


Visit Harmonic United page here.


HARMONYU has developed a fashion subteam - Viola.Lilac that was founded during the Covid-19 pandemic .


In line with HARMONYU core mission (Live OUR Viable Earth), VIola.Lilac brings together carefully our loved and selected designer brands who promote sustainable, low batch production and artisan craftsmanship. Designer brands collection with sophisticated and timeless designs, delivering the element of buying consciously, as well as bringing modern women to glow in her own essence and connecting deeper nourishments and harmonious within. Viola.Lilac also launches handmade accessories that are made with LOVE by us.


Visit Viola.Lilac page here.

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