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-The Pioneer Well-Being Consultant-

Our Vision

-To develop human consciousness towards well-beings of body, mind and spirit;

-To address the climate change and environmental issues, to integrate our ecosystem with cosmology

" Live OUR Viable Earth" (L.O.V.E) -- by HARMONYU




WE are UK-based pioneer well-being consultants specialize in applying advanced sound and acoustic frequency techniques to improve human wellness of body, mind and spirit, corporate advisory services for business growth and training to develop human super consciousness in daily lives.

Everything is frequency and interconnected. The frequencies release from OUR current physical, emotional and spiritual status keep impacting the world around us.


WE are collective rather than individual.

WE are cooperative rather than competitive.

WE can help the World by purifying our MIND, and contribute to a 'Pure Land' on Earth.


OUR EARTH's evolution is currently disturbed by conflict, pollution and problems in modern World. It's time for us to develop our consciousness towards well-beings of body, mind and spirit to live with the wisdom of understanding who WE are, what are OUR life mission and how should WE live wisely in current life.


WE could have based on OUR education projects and scientific research to develop human's interaction with the surrounding environment in a harmonic way - which we define as a Human Civilization.

Act NOW to find OUR Products and Services to develop your super consciousness to live an abundance life.








It aims to educate people on development of super consciousness and raise awareness to integrate ecosystem with cosmology.  We help to tackle the climate change and environmental issues in modern World with our advanced sound and light frequency techniques.

Find OUR resources and projectsWE welcome more people who would like to contribute to this evolution of human civilization, please join us by GETTING INVOLVED or contact us.

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