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- Health Science AI Intelligence-

Our Vision

  • To boost Holistic well-beings with Health Science AI Intelligence;

  • To develop human Superconsciousness and their Life Purpose with Universal Wisdom

  • To solve Environmental Issues with Life Science

" Live OUR Viable Earth" (L.O.V.E) -- by HARMONYU




WE are a UK-based health science AI intelligence group specializes in developing holistic well-beings of human body, mind and spirit, providing corporate advisory services for business growth and training to develop human superconsciousness with cosmic wisdom in daily lives.

Everything is frequency and interconnected. OUR EARTH's evolution is currently intervened by unharmonized frequencies e.g. human conflicts, environmental pollution and mental problems in modern World. The energy releases from OUR physical, emotional, mental and spiritual status impacting the world and people around us, vice versa. WE can help the World by purifying our MIND, raising our SPIRITUAL dimension in order to contribute to a 'Pure Land' on Earth. 


HARMONYU provides Health Science AI Intelligence to develop your holistic wellness, grow your business and develop your superconsciousness with wisdom in daily life. 

More importantly, everyone shall understand who WE are and develop their purposes in this life to contribute a Viable Earth. 

WE are collective rather than individual.

WE are cooperative rather than competitive.



HARMONYU AI intelligence approach combines science AI and cosmic wisdom to improve your holistic health by:

  • measuring your body, mind and spirit score by our AI Intelligence Energy Scanners;

  • improving your energy level and guide your discovery for a purpose built life;

  • improving corporate environmental and business performance;

  • developing your superconscious techniques to connect with the universal wisdom

Please find OUR Services and Products to help you. 


HARMONIC UNITED is a team to contribute a Viable Earth by Human Civilization:


  • to conduct research to enhance human quality of life and ecosystem;

  • to implement projects to tackle climate change and environmental issues for better world. 

Find OUR resources and projectsWE welcome more people who would like to contribute to this evolution of human civilization, please join us by GETTING INVOLVED or contact us.

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