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Health Intelligence Energy Therapy
Frequency Spectrum Therapy
DNA Rejuvenation Therapy 
Reiki Energy Therapy 


Our Health Intelligence Energy Therapy adopts holistic approach and works with health science intelligence to improve your holistic wellness conditions. 


Come to our therapy room and immerse yourself with energy frequency spectrum therapy which helps you:

- Initiate the awakening of your body rehabilitation ability for illess

- Detox and purify your physcial, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.

  • Physical Energy Healing 

  • Emotional Energy Healing

  • Mental Energy Healing


  • Spiritual Energy Healing


Book appointment for Energy Therapy.


Frequency Spectrum Therapy

Book appointment for Frequency Spectrum Therapy.

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DNA Rejuvenation Therapy

Our DNA Rejuvenation Therapy helps to boost your DNA energy and development to maximize your ability and growth potential.

Book appointment for DNA Rejuvenation Therapy.

DNA Strand

Reiki Energy Therapy


Our Reiki energy therapy provides powerful energy healing to improve your holistic wellness.

Book appointment for Reiki Energy Therapy.

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