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EG Spectrum Resonators (Spiritual, Mind & Body Development, Relaxation, Love)
  • Description:

    • Endocrine Temperament Resonator is a electrical device (can be used with or without electricity)
    • Unlock wisdom of generations
    • Relaxation
    • Create family harmony


    Product series and Functions :

    • EG1-Pintor (Pineal Gland Resonator Version 1): Spiritual developmemnt, Brain and heart development, Enhance sleeping quality
    • EG2-HYPTOR (Hypothalamus, Version 1): Spiritual and mind development
    • EG3-Pitor (Pituitary Gland Resonator, Version 1): Body balancing and relaxation
    • EG4-THYTOR (Thyroid, Version 1): Relief anxiety and emotions
    • EG5-PATHYTOR (Parathyroid, Version 1): Universal love, Rlief fears
    • EG6-Pantor (Pancreatic Resonator, Version 2): Harmonize digestive system
    • EG7-ADRETOR (Adrenal Gland, Version 2): Relaxation, Relief anxiety
    • EG8-Estor (Estogen Resonator, Version 2): Antiaging, Cell regenration
    • EG9-Androtor (Androgens Resonator, Version 2): Replenish body energy
    • EG20-Endonator (Temperament Resonator): Body & mind, automatic circulatory system
    • EG21-Pintor (Pineal Gland Resonator Version 2): Spiritual improvement, natural harmony law
    • EG22-Pitor (Pituitary Gland Resonator, Version 2): Harmony and balance of body and mind
    • EG23-Thymtor (Thymic Resonator): Body immune 
    • EG24-Pantor (Pancreatic Resonator, Version 2): Detoxification
    • EG25-Estor (Estogen Resonator, Version 2): Anti-aging, young, beautiful, enhance harmonious and balance within family and workplace
    • EG26-PATHYTOR (Parathyroid, Version 2): Loving, Connect universe
    • EG27-HYPTOR (Hypothalamus, Version 2): Activate fouth eye, relieve mental unbalance
    • EG28-THYTOR (Thyroid, Version 2): Keep calm, rest
    • EG29-ADRETOR (Adrenal Gland, Version 2): Balance reproductive system



      • Can be used at home, classroom, office or in car
      • Portable powerbank with USB port

            - Standard AC adapter with USB port (can be used with or without electricity)

            - USB port on laptop/desktop (Enhance frequency harmonization and balancing when used with Universal Geometry Sticker)

            - USB port in cars



      • 2-year guarantee

      Endocrine Temperament Resonators (Harmonize Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit)

      • UK and International Delivery: Refer to Shipping & Return Policy.

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