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Four Peace Zen Funshine Fengshui Herbal Incense Straight Career, Wealth, Health
  • Description:

    • Four Peace Zen Herbal Incense (Straight) for Career, Wealth, Health and Wisdom.

    • The Herbal Incense (Straight) has two colors (green and yellow).



    • Meditation

    • Purification

    • Pray for the blessing of the source of the universe

    • Increase physical, mental and spiritual energy

    • Environmental energy management (Fengshui)

    • This Herbal Incense corresponds to the root chakra. Vibration frequency is 250Hz~475Hz, helping career development and health, and attracts wealth.



    • Home / Workplace
    • With the use of Four Peace Zen Funshine Fengshui Lucky Ruyi, can turn the wheel of abundance. The body and mind receive high-frequency light energy to bring good luck in life, happiness, wealth, health and protection. 


    The system of colour spectrum for each colour of incense:

    The system comes from sunlight energy and cosmic frequency. It resonate with the human body, chakras, and aura. 

    (1) Green Incense: Vibration frequency is 250Hz~475Hz, which corresponds to the heart chakra, helps transport career and health, and attracts wealth.

    (2) Yellow Incense: The vibration frequency is 500Hz~700Hz, corresponding to the solar plexus, enhancing wisdom and courage, and attracting good luck and wealth.



    • Length per incense: 7 inch
    • 280g/ box



    • Please contact us for further information.
    • Pre-order is available.

    Four Peace Zen Herbal Incense Straight 草本清淨香(臥香)

    • UK and International Delivery: Refer to Shipping & Return Policy.

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