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Bio-Information Consultation Report

Evaluation of Body, Mind & Soul Energy Health Status

  • 1 hour
  • 150 British pounds
  • Location 1

Service Description

CHECK your Bio-information Frequency Consultation Report on body, mind & soul wellness. It is our service providing evaluation of body energy status to our clients. Our energy body has its own unique vibration or wave frequency. Such certain vibration can resonate through digital and the vast database of our bio-information system, and display in the form of graphic information as well as the maximum and minimum value of energy. The consultation conducts frequency analysis by scanning the body organs through Bio-Information system to show your body energy status. Frequencies of organs, tissues and cell structures will be analysed in order to evaluate the energy status of your body, mind and spirits. Quick test: It will take a few minutes. Consultation report analysis and recommendation will be provided after the test. Bio-information Frequency System monitors humans health covering elements below: Physical: • Pathomorphology • Allergens • Pollutants • Bio-Energetics • Bio-Energetics Frequencies • Hormones & Preparations • Unbalanced Tissues Therapy: • Meridians • Micronutrients • Nutrition & Natural Solutions Mind & Soul: • Careers • Personality • Family Affairs • Abilities • Fears • Soul Mission • Words and Text Solutions can also be shown from this Bio-information Frequency System.

Contact Details

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