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PH ORG Spectrum Resonators V2 (Body Health Development)
  • Description:

    • Organ Spectrum Resonator is a electrical device (can be used with or without electricity)


    Product series and Functions :

    • PH10-Organator (Organ Resonator): Automatic function
    • PH11-Geniusnator (Whole Brain Resonator): Enhance wisdom
    • PH12-Circunator (Heart Resonator)
    • PH13-Transpor (Spleen Resonator)t: Nourishmenet
    • PH14-Respinator (Lung Resonator)
    • PH15-Urinator (Kidney Resonator)
    • PH16-Detoxinator (Liver Resonator): Detoxification
    • PH17-ANS (Autonomic Nerve Resonator)
    • PH18-UFO (UFP Resonator)
    • CM1-Hepanator (Liver Resonator): Detoxification



    • Can be used at home, classroom, office or in car
    • Resonator with USB Port:

         1) Portable powerbank with USB port

         2) Standard AC adapter with USB port (can be used with or without electricity)



    • 2-year guarantee
    • Pre-order is available. Please contact us for details.

    Organ Spectrum Resonators (Body Health Development)

    • UK and International Delivery: Refer to Shipping & Return Policy.

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