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NP Energy Powder 9-12g
  • Experience our NP energy powder to improve your wellness of body, mind and spirit. 


    Type & Function:


    • NPEP091 Life Force (Red) 12g - Claiming, Release Fear, Security, Courage, Life Energy, Connect with Mother Earth


    • NPEP092 Connection (Orange) 12g - Mental Wellness, Body Recovery, Relationship, Heal Your Inner Child


    • NPEP093 Wealth (Yellow) 10g - Clarity, Determination, Digestion, Emotion, Family Harmony


    • NPEP094 Mindfulness (Green) 10g - Being Open to Change Your Mind, Embrace the Flow of Life, Career Development


    • NPEP095 Love (Pink) 12g - Love, Feminine Power


    • NPEP097 Messenger (Royal Blue) 10g - Communication, Judgement, Mindfulness, Purification, Trust


    • NPEP099 Wisdom (Purple) 9g - Body/Mind/Spirit Connection, Calm an Overactive Brain, Cosmic Wisdom



    • Crystal and stone cleansing, Space cleansing, Create Sacral Space, Guardian Angel

    NP Energy Powder 9-12g

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