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G4 Planet Frequency Spectrum Harmonize Resonate Solar System 11 Planets


  • The Spectrum Resonator is manufactured according to the rule of the cosmos-nature harmonic melody. ​Explore the chain of DNA and RNA mechanism to enhance the wisdom of self-healing function through the structure of the wormhole and torsion field.
  • G4 Planet Frequency Spectrum generates and harmonise frequency of 11 planets (Earth, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Venus. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto).
  • Resonance of solar system



  • Jupiter - spirituality, wisdom, confidence, optimism, harmony
  • Mars - mobility, vitality, ambition, execution, innovation
  • Saturn - stability, equilibrium, responsibility, discipline
  • Venus - love, wealth, joy, harmony,
  • Mercury - intelligence, thinking, communication, expression
  • Uranus – innovation, creativity, breakthrough, higher education, research and development of high technologies
  • Neptune – intuition, perception, ancient wisdom, cleansing
  • Pluto – cleansing and transformation, Karma, human medical science


  • Earth

     - harmonize and balance frequency on human body and environment

     - concentration and memory

     - balancing of ecosystem


  • Moon

     - relax and enhance sleeping quality

     - nurturing the body, mind and soul


  • Sun

     - replenish body energy and circulation

     - facilitate growth and development



  • Home / Workplace



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G4 Planet Frequency Spectrum Harmonize Resonate Solar System (11 Planets)

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