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Four Peace Zen Funshine Fengshui Shineflowering Spray 香芙洛霖水
  • Description:

    • Four Peace Zen Funshine Fengshui Shineflowering Spray has eight colors (red, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, violet, white) and 3 special formulas for Love, Purification and Abundance.

    • Made with natural flower and plant essence to help purify energy, relax body and mind, and bring good luck.



    (1) Red (apple blossom): corresponding to the root chakra, brings wealth and replenishes the treasury.

    (2) Orange (Bitter Orange Flower): corresponding to the sacral chakra, overcomes fears and worries, and attracts business wealth.

    (3) Yellow (Golden Osmanthus): corresponding to solar plexus, enhances wisdom and courage, and attracts good luck and wealth.

    (4) Green (Lemongrass): corresponding to the heart chakra, enhance career and health, and attracts good fortune.</