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Essential Oil Photon Pure Oil for Enlightenment Consciousness Awakening
  • Experience our pure essential oil to raise your wisdom , conscious and dimension level!


    Type & Function:

    • Hereditary Photon Oil: Purification of consciousness, Mitigating Karma, Physical and mental comfort, Correspondence Chakra: Root Chakra.
    • Powerful Photon Oil: Enhance body energy flow, Refreshing, Concentration, Correspondence chakra: Sacral Chakra.
    • Golden Shield Photon Oil: Protection, Compassion, Consciousness Recovering, Correspondence Chakra: Solar Plexus.
    • Mind & Spirit Photon Oil: Decisive, Clarity, Connect to the Soul, Correspondence Chakra: Heart Chakra.
    • Qi & Po Photon Oil: Compassion, Elimination of obstacle and negativity, Correspondence Chakra: Throat Chakra
    • Inspire Photon Oil: Insight, Source of inspiration, Development and creation, Correspondence Chakra: Psychic Center.
    • Sacred Power Photon Oil: Soul, Connect to the Origin of Life, Understand your life mission, Correspondence Chakra: Third Eye.
    • Wisdom Photon Oil: Tathagata Wisdom, Strategizing, Winning a thousand miles, Correspondence Chakra: Crown Chakra.



    • 10ml per bottle
    • Pre-order is available. Please contact us for pre-order (

    Essential Oil Photon Pure Oil for Enlightenment Consciousness Awakening

    • UK and International Delivery: Refer to Shipping & Return Policy.

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