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Holistic Astrology Therapy

Holistic Astrology Reading & Therapy

Holistic Astrology Reading


‘As Above, So Below’. This session allow you to get more insight from the planetary impact on you as a human. 


Our human body could be activated to function in a harmonic way that maintain balance among the physical, emotional, mental and the cosmic levels. It is just about finding the keys to unlock your body codes. HARMONYU’s holistic astrology techniques could guide your through the discovery journey to unlock all these cosmic mystery.


We also provide the solution to resolve the issues currently challenging you in order to progress your life with higher energy.

To book the reading, please click here. ​

Holistic Astrology Reading & Therapy


It is always more powerful to be healed by our holistic planetary energy therapy after the astrology reading in order to overcome your astrological challenges and increase your energy dimension with cosmic wisdom in everyday life.


To book a complete holistic astrology reading and therapy session, please click here. ​

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